Indefinite By Corinne Michaels


By Corinne Michaels

  • Release Date: 2019-06-24
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 293 Ratings


Book one of two in the Indefinite Duet 

The day he said he’d never love me is when I vowed Quinn Miller would never break my heart again. 

I wanted a family—but he wouldn’t give me that. As one of the top embryologists in the country, I’ve spent years creating babies in the lab for other people as my own dreams of motherhood fade.

I’m done waiting. I decide to start the journey to parenthood alone.

Then Quinn strolls back into my life, with all the finesse of a hurricane. I’m a fool to think I don’t want him anymore, and one reckless night of passion ends with me pregnant by the man I swore I’d never love again. 

Now he doesn’t just want my heart, he wants it all. The baby. Love. A life where we’re happy.
But even as he promises me the future I always desired, I can’t help but fear that something will rip him away from me again. 

This time . . . indefinitely.


  • Amazing!!!!

    By gpatty10
    Ahhh this story gave me all the feels. I loved Ashton in all the previous books but Quinn stole my heart in this one. Definitely I must read and be ready for a whirlwind of emotions.
  • Get ready for an emotional story! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read

    By easwain
    Get ready for an emotional story! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read Corinne has a way of immersing you into her story and characters, A way that you feel like you are there experiencing all that she gives... WOMAN UP because she is pulling all her little tricks on us! I have to admit I love her for it! So as I sit here writing my review with a strong drink in hand... I'm silently cursing her and all that is the Salvation Series... That ending!!! The story starts how all struggling character do with Ashton Caputo walking away from Quinn #LadyKiller Miller. Ashton ready to start her live and is done with the games that Quinn seems to deal her way. Three years is enough of putting all she wants on hold. Now Quinn is back and he changed and he wants it all.. with me! NO MORE BECAUSE ...NO SPOILERS!
  • Emotional read, keep tissues handy!

    By Groomsmom
    This book totally wrecked me. I hate cliffhangers, but I loved this book and I’m holding my breath till July 22. Ashton is in love with Quinn, a Navy SEAL. He loves her in his own way, but feels his life is his Team and his teammates. He continually promises to leave the military, and give her what she wants, a family, children and a life together. She knows he is not capable, and walks away with her heart breaking. After six months, a lot of thinking, and less pain in her life, she has made a decision that will change her life forever. But a knock on the door changes it all. Quinn’s back after being injured while deployed. He finally admits what an idiot he was, admits he loves her with everything he has, and wants to start over. In the beginning of the book, I wanted to shake them both! Quinn not giving his heart, and after returning from overseas, Ash never believing he was really trying. Slowly but surely their love seems to settle them both. Until...... I reread the last couple of chapters a number of times, but I still am in the dark. Ms. Michaels writes wonderful contemporary romance and seems to know just how to grab you and pull you in. Well, I’m all in. Pat Fordyce
  • Loved this book!

    By Miller809
    Reading Indefinite was like coming home. I LOVE Corinne Michaels and all the characters in the Salvation series! Quinn and Ashton- wow- what a history for them and their connection! Par for course- they start off apart- Ashton wants to get her life back after Quinn broke/protected her heart- so he thought..... yet he comes back to fight for her. So many twists and turns and battles of the heart between these two! What I love is how Corinne Michaels writes this story.... Ashton's parents- yup- they are amazing and honest and made me laugh as they love both Ashton and Quinn! Seeing Liam and Natalie and Catherine and Jackson and Mark and Charlie and Gretchen and Ben- it's amazing how they are kept in character and true to themselves and how they fit into Ashton's and Quinn's lives and really hold them accountable to themselves. I laughed out loud reading the banter and connection of these characters, I cried as my heart broke for them and was SHOCKED at the end..... as yes- it is a duet and yes- we wait to get to Infinite to see how exactly Corinne Michaels wraps up Quinn and Ashton's story...... I CANNOT WAIT for MORE!
  • The SEALS are back in town

    By Soonergrl1510
    Oooo thank you newborn baby Jesus! The SEALS are back and Quinn and Ashton get their storyline. It’s been a long time coming and begging, and we finally have it. Have a drink on hand because it’s in true Corinne fashion that you will want it. Their story is absolutely heartbreaking, enduring, and hopeful at the same time. Quinn is back and with a vengeance that is so extremely charming. Ashton is a woman scorned and doesn’t want to forget everything she’s been through. How it all plays out is yet to be determined but we are in for a wild ride I’m sure. And guess what else, Liam makes an appearance... along with with all the other boys.
  • Review: Salvation 6: Indefinite

    By @LisaHines711
    Indefinite by Corinne Michaels is the first book in her brand new Indefinite Duet and the sixth book in the overall Salvation series. The story of Quinn and Ashton is a little heartbreaking. There is so much angst and back and forth between these two characters. They are so obviously in love with each other. As a reader we get the benefit of both their POV's, but individually they are clueless sometimes to what the other one is thinking, feeling, and going through. Ashton is a strong woman - she is adamant about not backing down - even when Quinn is so adamant about changing and loving her. The bare bones of the duet is a second chance romance (at least so far) but there's also an undercurrent of danger with Quinn's new job and run towards danger SEAL tendencies. This definitely ends on a hell of a cliffhanger so brace yourself. However, book two in the duet, Infinite, is expected to release on July 16, 2019 so it's not too far out. Enjoy!
  • Will they or won’t they?

    By strongfaith1
    Not everything happens how Ashton wants it to. Nothing has gone the way Quinn thought it should. Now he wants to change the outcome and she is so over it. But wow is it fun to read how these two bicker and fight to get their way. Quinn pulls some super romantic and swoony lines right out of no where. Ashton doesn’t always fall for them but she does does hear them. How will their story end? She’s pregnant? How’d that happen...
  • Amazing

    By AnnettePopa
    I could not wait to read this book !! Ashton and Quinn finally , YES !! Once again CM delivers all the feels and leaves you on the edge of your seat with this ending ! The next book in this duet will be out pretty soon even though I need it NOW ! If your looking for an amazing , addicting and steamy read this is it !!!

    By Suzanne Golt
    I read and devoured the Salvation series by the very talented Corrine Michaels a few years ago, and was ELATED that she answered our pleas and wrote this duet which includes an update on the wonderful couples and friendships (Jackson, Liam, and Mark) we have grown to love. Indefinite is the perfect title for this book which can be read as a standalone. It is not for the faint of heart and features Ashton Caputo and Quinn Miller who have been lovers for many years, but with his occupation as a Navy Seal, it was difficult for Ashton to have the life she had always dreamed of. I love all of the conversations and interactions with the secondary characters and the insight they provide to both Quinn and Ashton. I really admire Ashton for her honesty in communicating what she wants in a relationship and trying to protect her heart. She is very supportive of his career and didn’t give him an ultimatum, just expressed her views and then watched him walk away one last time. It was so sad and heartbreaking as Corrine takes you through every emotion they are feeling, and you truly see both points of view. Our hero Quinn, finally has his ah-ha moment and fights admirably for our sweet heroine, which will make you weak in the knees. It’s hard for her to trust because they have been down this road before, but the things he says and does for her makes her a believer. During this time, his friends, whom are now retired from the Navy and are working in Security, recruit our very tall, dark and handsome, and now very swoon-worthy sexy hero to assist with a mission. Ashton is loyal, smart, committed, and not afraid to admit how much she loves him and wants a family. I really admire that about her and how she is an independent, educated, career woman working in a fertility lab to help others conceive, a very noble profession. This book is not one of those tales where everything is picture perfect, where everyone gets along and there is no angst. This book has lots and lots of angst, along with will they or won’t they, plus heart stopping suspense, and a bit of a mystery! It will keep you engaged the entire time turning page after page wanting to know what happens next and will they get their HEA! And then all of a sudden, when you get to the last page, you will scream and shout because, yes, my dear romance reader friends, there is a cliffhanger! This after all is a duet, with Infinite releasing in July, and I for one and counting down the days.
  • Must read!

    By amandac3
    Coming back to the Salvation Series feels like coming home. This is one of my favorite series ever. And this latest installment did not disappoint. Quinn and Ashton’s story has been a long time coming and I couldn’t be more excited! It usually takes me a few chapters to fall into the feelings of a book, but not this one. I was fully immersed on the first page. Quinn and Ashton are both stubborn and steadfast and absolutely perfect for each other despite their rocky history. Ashton has given up and decided to move on when Quinn crashes back into her world with a new outlook on life. These two... I love them, but I wanted to throttle both of them a few times. Quinn especially. But it makes their journey more real. There is heartache and angst and laughs and the banter is on point. Ashton is awesome. It’s quite possible she’s my favorite of the females in this series. And Quinn won me over, not that it took much convincing. He’s charming and determined and swoony and sexy and funny and he’s an idiot and he’s... He’s just everything. We also get to see the rest of the crew too, which was fantastic. I love all of them so it was nice to have everyone around again. And it really makes me want to re-read the whole series. Again. This is book 1 of a duet, so you know what that means. And if you’ve read anything from Corinne Michaels before, then you also know there is a high likelihood that it’s going to be a doozy. And it so was. God. She is the queen of sucking you in and making you feel all warm and lovey-dovey before delivering a gut-wrenching blow. And I love her for making me feel all the things. This is a top read of the year for me. Now let the countdown to Infinite begin.